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Let's go to calligraphy school!

Let's go to calligraphy school!

All necessary implements to follow a Chinese or Japanese calligraphy course is cleverly packed in this schoolbag, chic and uneasily soiled. Size when closed 330 x 250 x 50 mm. Made in Japan. Contents listed hereunder.

Complete Japanese calligraphy setComplete Japanese calligraphy set Ref: CA05220
Spread on the black felt: brush mat, stone of fine ceramics reversible (one side for inkstick,one for liquid ink), inkstick, liquid ink 180 cc, storage tray, water pipette, small and medium large mixed hair brushes, chrome-plated paperweight. In the cover there are also a black felt and five sheets of Yuanshu and Fuyang paper (see these words).

Out of stock

Price : 90,00 € Including Tax

Japanese mini writing set
Japanese mini writing set Ref: CA05106

Charming Japanese pocket writing set. The grained red cardborad box contains an inkstone in a rustic style, a 2-parts brush with mixed hair, an ink stick and a brush-stand of glossy black cast. Its Japanese name is Ippitsu Kobako: small box with one brush

Dimensions 118 x 84 x 22 mm

Sold out

Price : 24,50 € Including Tax

Writing box SWriting box S Ref: CA05105

Tiny "Calligraphy box". Royal blue brocade, inkstone, inkstick, two short brushes and a sample of Fuyang paper. Will please children and serves as a symbolic gift as well

Size 120 x 90 x 30 mm

Price : 10,00 € Including Tax


Writing set MWriting set M Ref: CA05005

Charming gift box of indigo cotton offering a little inkstone, an inkstick, two short brushes (goat and weasel) and a porcelain water dropper
Makes a symbolic gift or a starter set for children

Size of the box 170 x 98 x 30 mm

Price : 18,00 € Including Tax


Writing set, ovalWriting set, oval Ref: CA05015

Oval indigo cotton box coontaining an inkstone, an inkstick, three short brushes (black tainted hare, goat and weasel), a porcelain water dropper and a brush stand.
Nice gift item as well as a first set for beginners

Size 205 x 94 x 36 mm

Price : 27,50 € Including Tax


Writing box MMWriting box MM Ref: CA05011

Elegant box of indigo cotton and white silk containing a She inkstone and an oval inkstick, together with a nice langhao (weasel) hair brush. For demanding amateurs

Size in all 232 x 141 x 26 mm, - of the stone 85 x 128 x 11 mm

Price : 50,00 € Including Tax


Calligraphy Catalog | CHINESE AND JAPANESE CALLIGRAPHY, SUMI-E | Chinese and Japanese calligraphy accessories |  Writing sets


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